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To keep your teeth white for as long as possible:


• Brush your teeth at least 2 to 3 times a day.

• Teeth are slightly translucent. You should, therefore, brush around all the surfaces of the teeth, front and back.

• Clean between the teeth at least once a day.

• Avoid tobacco.

• Avoid drinks which can colour teeth, such as red wine, coffee, tea etc.

• Careful: white wine will not noticeably colour teeth, but has an acid ph. of +/- 2.6, which is very acid and can damage teeth. This is the same for fizzy drinks.

• Avoid foodstuffs with highly coloured spices such as curry and spices of this type.

• In any case, if you drink or eat these foodstuffs, make sure you clean your teeth as quickly as possible afterwards.

• Have a check-up with a dentist at least twice a year.


Why FLORADYLE® is much beter than all products on the market?


1) The first apparent difference is that the product does what it is set out to. It WHITENS!!! This is not the case with other products that are sold outside dentists’ offices. 


2) Floradyle® contains 0.0% hydrogen peroxide or any other similar substances. 


3) Floradyle® is gentle to the teeth and other buccal structures.


4) This is the first time in the world that prebiotics are used for whitening teeth. The Hauliga laboratories have the exclusivity with the distributor on this specific type of prebiotics. More than 400 tests have been carried out to discover this particular type of prebiotics. 


5) Such a high-quality hydroxyapatite of concentration has never been used before in a whitening teeth product in order to protect teeth enamel. 


6) The products are natural based.  


7) The quality and safety of each ingredient which make up the gel and toothpaste ensures that patients are safe and free from abnormal amounts of heavy metals and other toxic substances. Each ingredient is scrupulously controlled and each of them has an MSDS. 


8) It is a product invented, designed, developed, manufactured and packaged in Belgium. With the highest quality of European legal standards: 

- ISO 9001,

- ISO 13485 Medical Devices,

- Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

- A certificate of the FAMHP (Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products) for the secondary packaging of medicine,

- 2 clean rooms ISO 8 (class D).


9) Several studies have been carried out by dentists and other approved inspection associations. Not only double blinded studies by dentists have been carried out but also self-evaluation trials, with and without photos, in Europe and in Asia. All studies were done by professional dentists and medical doctors. 


10) The combination of ingredients in the two different products that makes up the Floradyle kit is totally unique and innovative.  


11) Hauliga laboratories carried out all legal tests on its products. Hauliga Laboratories has all the legal documents for the marketing of Floradyle® in pharmacies and both in Belgium and for export. 


12) The special high-quality LED bulbs used to emit specific wavelengths for the best efficiency of the Floradyle gel action are very exact. This canot be compared to any other product out on the market today. 


13) The head of the Floradyle LED mouthpiece is waterproof, unlike most of the products on the market. This ensures that there is no risk of erosion which can make the LEDs dysfunctional. 


14) The silicone used for LED head is of pharmaceutical grade and food grade. This makes it harmless and won’t lead to a negative reaction with the gel used. We do not use an industrial silicone as is generally found in other products on the market. 


15) The product is of only 3.3Volts out of the LED mouthpiece, which prevents any electrical hazard and any discomfort in case of deterioration of the gutter. Most products on the market has 12 Volts.


16) The quality and cross section of the wires and electrical connectors give the LED mouthpiece a very high level of quality and safety. 


17) The brush pen allows for precise and easy application of the gel onto the teeth. Some other brands have small flaps that are incredibly difficult to use and do not allow accurate application on to the teeth.  


To sum up, we cannot compare the incomparable. Floradyle is safe, quality tested and in no doubt has remarkable results. It is the original.